RAZOR Sharp Chest! Pec BLAST with Mike Dorn

Oct 29 2015

Adding thick, dense, shredded muscle requires hardcore focus and execution, period! We caught iFORCE Nutrition athlete Mike Dorn out in Australia, just moments away from tearing his chest to shreds! Read below to see his diet, supplement, and training routine! 

» Training Split
Monday: Hamstrings, Quads, & Calves
Tuesday: Chest & Triceps
Wednesday: Back & Calves
Thursday: Shoulders & Traps
Friday: Quads, Hamstrings, & Calves
Saturday: Arms 
Sunday: REST!

*Mike trains abs every 3 days, in the morning, before cardio.

» Nutrition Plan
Meal #1:
- 9 egg whites + 3 whole eggs (Condiments - pepper , salt, soy sauce, or bbq sauce) 
- Protein shake:
- 100 grams oatmeal
- 1 scoop iFORCE Nutrition Isotean
- Cinnamon

Supplements (with meal #1)
- 1 serving iFORCE Nutrition Athletic Multi
- 1 serving iFORCE Nutrition Peppermint Fish Oil
- 2 evening primrose oil
- 3 zinc
- 2 Liver care
- 2 kidney care

Meal #2:
- 230g Chicken breast
- 150g Basmati rice
- 100g Broccoli
- Condiments: bbq sauce

Meal #3:
- 230g Chicken breast
- 150g Basmati rice
- 100g Broccoli
- Condiments: bbq sauce

Meal #4:
- 230g Lean Beef
- 150g Basmati Rice
- Condiments: bbq sauce

Supplements (with meal #4)
- 1 serving iFORCE Nutrition Athletic Multi
- 1 serving iFORCE Nutrition Peppermint Fish Oil
- 2 evening primrose oil

Meal #5:
- 230g chicken Breast
- 100g Broccoli

Meal #6:
- 3 scoops Chocolate Isotean

- Supplements (with meal #6)
- 2 liver care
- 2 kidney care

Meal #7: (If awake)
- 12 egg whites
- Condiments: soy sauce

“I eat every 2.5 hours both in off season and during contest prep. I have a cheat meal every Sunday. Having a cheat meal makes it easier to stay on track. Knowing that at the end of the week I get to satisfy my cravings is important to me, it helps. My advice, keep this to 1 meal on Sunday night. Don’t be afraid to cheat... it will not have a negative impact. In fact, Monday morning don’t be surprised if you wake up fuller, dryer, harder. Think of it like this... you will put on as much bodyfat from one bad meal as you would one good (laughs). So don’t worry too much!”

*Mike eliminates weekly cheats 3 weeks out from competition.

This is Mike’s diet 16 weeks out from competition. It works extremely well for him.

» Chest Workout 

Incline Smith Machine Press:
4 sets of 20, 15, 12, 10 reps (last set is a triple drop set, each set taken to failure)
Focus: As heavy as possible!

Incline Dumbbell Flys:

4 sets of 15 reps *increasing weight each set*
Focus: Maximum contraction, deep stretch, explosive positive!

Seated Chest Press (single arm):
4 sets 12-20 reps
Focus: Complete isolation! Perform one arm at a time. Each set work towards more range of motion and a harder squeeze!

Cable Crossover:
4 sets 15 reps
Focus: Pump hard! Fill that muscle with extreme amounts of blood!

Weighted Dips:
4 sets to failure (45 seconds rest + pec stretching between each se)
Focus: Wide grip! Keep elbows out to target the chest! 

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